Dead Animal

Madison, WI Dead Animal Removal

Madison, WI Dead Animal Removal

Phone:  608-229-1092

We are a professional wildlife control company specializing in the removal of dead animals from homes and properties in Madison, Wisconsin.  If you see a dead animal on your property, or if you have a terrible smell in your home and suspect a critter has died in the walls, attic, under the home, or anywhere else, we can find and remove the decaying carcass for you.  It’s not a pretty job, but it’s necessary, and we do it well!

We are a private business, and we do charge for our services.  Call us any time at 608-229-1092, and we will schedule a time to come to your house, usually on the same day.  We know that this is not a situation in which you will want to wait a long time!

Here is our process: if the animal is visible, the job is simple.  We wear the necessary protective equipment, such as mask and gloves, and bag the animal before taking it away for cremation.  We also decontaminate the area (if applicable) with special enzyme cleaners designed for the organic matter that can come from a dead animal body.

On the other hand, if you have a terrible odor in your house and can’t find the animal, we will search for it.  This is the more common scenario that we deal with, and in this situation experience matters a great deal.  We sometimes use infrared imaging to see the heat coming off a decaying carcass against a wall or ceiling, but most commonly we just use our experience and nose.  We follow the scent – and the flies if applicable – and narrow down the carcass’ location.  It often involves sniffing right against the drywall, back and forth, until we zero in on the spot.  When necessary, we cut a hole in the wall or ceiling, remove the dead animal, clean the area, deodorize, and fix the hole.  In many cases we can retrieve the animal from the attic without any cutting.

As a reminder, this is a private business.  We do not provide free animal removal in Madison, WI.  If you want to know who to call to remove a dead animal on the road in Madison, or what do do if your pet dies, you will need to call your local government animal services, sanitation department, police, or veterinarian’s office.  We do not provide removal of dead dogs or dead cats, unless your situation warrants it and you are willing to pay for our services.

As a full-service wildlife control company, we can also find out how and why an animal died in your house, and perform home repairs to make sure that it doesn’t happen again!  Call us now at 608-229-1092 to discuss your dead animal in Madison.  Learn more about us at!

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