Dead Deer Removal

If you ever encounter a dead deer on your lawn, you may rightfully be wondering what to do about it. It is important that you do not leave the animal on the lawn, as it will rot, bloat, stink, attract flies, and cause a variety of other problems.

Deer can be very hard to remove since they are large animals. You will most likely need specialized equipment (for example, a winch) to do the job. However, there are also some DIY methods you may choose to use.

DIY Methods

  • Use landfills. If there are landfills in the area where you reside, you could ask for permission to dump the dead deer there.
  • Turn the deer into compost. This method works best in an area where few people live. The deer, as it decomposes, causes the soil it is lying on to become very fertile. However, it will also produce a nasty smell.
  • Bury the deer. This is one of the most common methods. Just make sure to follow the guidelines required for your area.
  • Burn the deer.

Be very careful if you choose to remove the dead deer yourself. If you are unable or don’t want to handle the problem yourself, hire a professional.

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