Why Rats Die Inside the House

Sometimes, you may find a rat dead inside your house. There are a variety of causes for this, including stress from your pets or lack of food and water. Once you have discovered the reason for a rat’s death in your house, take appropriate action to prevent the incident from occurring again.

There are many different reasons why you may find a dead rat inside your house, including:

  • Unsuitable conditions in your home. If your home is not suited with the right conditions for rat survival, rats will not stay alive for long.
  • Stress from pets. Pets are biological repellents for rats, who, like humans, undergo stress. With your pets around the house, it becomes harder and harder for rats to survive, especially if they can find no way to escape outside.
  • Lack of food and/or water.
  • Disease. The rat may be suffering from disease. In this case, it will almost inevitably die.


Prevention is better than having to deal with the problem later. To prevent rats from dying in your house, seal up all entry points to your attic, basement, and walls. Keeping a pet, such as cat, will also keep rats away. (For more information, see Rats – Control.)

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