Raccoons – Control and Carcass Removal

A raccoon might seem friendly, but at the same time it is very stubborn. If it thinks your home is a nice place to live, it will not easily be chased away. To prevent this, you need to guard your home carefully to prevent raccoons from entering.

raccoon in a tree

Reasons a Raccoon is in Your House

There are a lot of reasons why a raccoon might end up in your house. Here are some of them:

  • to find shelter
  • to find food
  • to hide from predators
  • to nurse its sickness
  • to give birth

These are just a few. If you do find a dead raccoon, you should try to figure out why the animal was in your house in the first place. Once the reason has been established, you can take appropriate measures to ensure no raccoons come into your house again.

Raccoon Control

You may want to set up poisoned baits in your house. After consumption, the raccoon will die inside your home. Note that trapping an animal can sometimes be brutal, as the raccoon may suffer psychological stress, resulting in a slow death.

Causes of Raccoon Death

A raccoon death may be human-induced, or the result of natural causes. A raccoon may also die due to:

  • poison by baits you may have set up in the house
  • stress after being trapped
  • hunger
  • sickness
dead raccoon lying on the ground next to a stack of tires

Finding a Dead Raccoon

If you have noticed signs of a raccoon in your house, just follow the evidence to find it. Sniffing out the foul odor induced from its carcass will also lead you to the place of its death.

Removing a Dead Raccoon

After finding the raccoon, remove and dispose of it immediately. You may want to consider cremation, burying the raccoon, or other methods. If it is difficult for you to dispose of the raccoon, you should find a professional to do it. This may be a better option, as they will also often offer you advice on how to keep raccoons out, as well as information on what you should do if the incident happens again.

properly disposing of a raccoon

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