House Mice – Signs and Carcass Removal

House mice are smaller than rats, making it relatively easy for them to slip in and out of your house. If you happen to suspect the existence of house mice in your home, you need to take action fast since they can be very destructive.

Damage Caused by House Mice

Mice are rodents, so they like to chew. Because of this, they may unintentionally cause destruction to your insulation and electricity systems if they happen to be in your attic.

Signs of House Mice in Your Home

There are certain things you should be looking for if you happen to suspect there are house mice on your property. Here are some of the most common signs:

  • Droppings. If you happen to find small black pellets concentrated in one area or scattered in patches around your house, then you probably have house mice in your home.
  • Collected matter from outside. These could be almost anything, such as grass and leaves. Looking for such signs will help you discover the location of the mice in your house.
  • Patterns. Observe the evidence of the mice’s existence and their activity in places you suspect them to reside.

All of these are signs that you may be sharing your house with mice. Note that the rate at which they reproduce is very high. If you do not deal with them quickly enough, your home may soon be overrun with house mice.

animal signs

Finding a Dead Mouse

Mice are very small, so finding them may take a while. If you suspect there are dead mice in your home, try sniffing them out. Generally, house mice die:

  • behind refrigerators
  • inside cabinets
  • between walls
  • in the attic
  • in the basement

(When a mouse dies inside a wall, it probably cannot be easily removed. The best you can do is to mask the odor with a fragrant scent.)

Besides smell, also keep an eye out for flies. Swarms of these insects usually indicate a decaying carcass somewhere close by.

dead rat in front of a hole

Removing the Dead Mouse

After locating the dead mouse, you should make an effort to remove it immediately. Dead animals are a threat to our health, as merely breathing the odor can be very dangerous. Here is what you need to do:

  • Remove the dead mouse while wearing protective clothing.
  • Disinfect the whole area.
  • Set up traps to catch the other mice.
  • Install repellents to keep the mice out.

This should help you control the mice in your house.

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