Why Raccoons Die Inside Houses

Sometimes, you may find a raccoon dead inside your house. There are a variety of causes for this, including poisoning or trapping. Once you have discovered the reason for a raccoon’s death in your house, take appropriate action to prevent the incident from occurring again.

dead raccoon lying on the ground next to a stack of tires

Probable Causes of Death

There are quite a few reasons behind the cause of the death of a raccoon in your house. Some of the causes of death include:

  • Poisoning
  • Trapping
  • Natural causes


Poisoning is a method that will inevitably cause animals to die inside your house. Rat poison, for example, is used by many households. If a larger animal, such as a raccoon, consumes the poison, it may be strong enough to keep the raccoon from moving, and the raccoon will die slowly on the spot. Other types of poison may not be as strong, causing the raccoon to die elsewhere.


You may have set up some traps in your house to prevent animals from wandering around your home. Some traps, however, kill animals instantly, causing the animal to die inside your house.

Natural Causes

The death of a raccoon inside your house may not have been due to human-induced methods. When nature poses danger to a raccoon and injures it in some way, the raccoon may find its way to your house to die there.


  • Make sure your house is well fenced.
  • Set out natural repellents, such as dogs, around your home’s entry points.
  • Properly seal any points of entry.

Preventing raccoons from accessing your property is important, especially if you do not want to continue dealing with dead raccoons inside your house.


There are many different possible causes for a raccoon’s death. Before handling the animal, make sure to figure out the cause of death first. You may even want to call for help from a professional to determine the cause and get rid of the raccoon.

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