Proper Carcass Disposal

properly disposing of a raccoon

After you find and remove a dead animal from your property, you must dispose of it properly and safely. You will also need to comply with the rules involving wildlife removal and disposal in your local area.

Once you have discovered the location of a dead animal, you need to dispose of it immediately. Dead animals are health hazards, causing diseases and other complications with the odor they emit from their body. You can dispose of the carcass yourself, or you can hire the services of a professional wildlife removal company in your area.

DIY Methods

Always wear gloves when handling a dead animal.

  • Burial. You can bury the dead animal on your property, or someplace else where there is a vacant. Make sure, however, that you comply with local rules regarding the proper disposal of dead animal carcasses.
  • Burn. If you have an access to an incinerator, you may choose to cremate the carcass.

Remember to always wash your hands after handling a dead animal. You do not want to contract diseases associated with touching the dead animal’s body.

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