Dead Animals and Flies

If you spot one or two flies around your home, it is likely there is a dead animal close by. The carcass may not be big enough for you to detect its smell, but you should certainly start looking for it.

dead animal mess

Blowflies and Flesh Flies

Some of the most common insects you will see hovering around dead animals are the blowfly and flesh fly. These flies lay their eggs on top of decaying carcasses. The eggs will hatch into larvae, which feed on the dead tissues of the deceased animal. These flies may become health hazards if they are inside your home, but on the upside, they will cause the carcass to decompose quickly, reducing the length of its smell.

Health Hazards

At first glance, these flies might seem harmless. However, they are a risk to your health and the health of those around you.

First of all, the flies are in direct contact with the decaying carcass. This means that they are carriers of various bacteria and other microorganisms originating from the dead animal. If a fly lands on your food, the bacteria will be transferred over. When you eat, you will ingest the bacteria, which can cause diseases.

The flies may also land on your mouth or hands. If you forget to wash these parts of your body, the bacteria may be transferred to places such as your eyes or ears.

Getting Rid of the Flies

To get rid of the flies, you must remove the source that is attracting them. This means you need to dispose of the dead animal.

Always wear gloves when handling dead animals.

  1. Identify the place of origin of the flies. Possible areas include the basement, the attic, or anywhere else close by.
  2. Search for the dead animal. (See Finding and Removing Dead Animals.)
  3. Remove the carcass. You can use a vacuum to pick it up, or sweep it with a broom.
  4. Clean up the surrounding area. You may want to call a professional to deal with the last two steps.
trash bag containing a dead animal


A dead animal’s carcass will attract flies to your house, resulting in possible danger to your health. When you spot flies, start looking for a dead animal. Call a professional to get rid of the carcass, or, if possible, do it yourself. Keep in mind that if the animal is not properly removed, its decaying carcass may end up costing more than just your health.

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