We service over 150 US locations! We are America’s only organization specializing in dead animal removal.  Whether the dead animal is in your yard, under your shed, or if you have a terrible odor in your house and can’t find the source, we can help.  We specialize in dead animal carcass extraction, cleanup, and odor control.  We are experts at locating and cutting out a dead animal in the attic or walls of your house, and in eliminating the odor. We have branches in over 150 US cities, servicing most of the United States. Call us now, and we can remove the dead animal in your home or property today!

Examples of our work:

  • Finding dead rats or mice in the walls, and cutting them out.
  • Finding dead raccoons or other animals in the attic insulation.
  • Removing dead animals inside ductwork of homes and buildings.
  • Removing dead skunks, opossums, or cats from under homes, sheds, or porches.
  • Use of special enzyme cleaners to clean and decontaminate the area.
  • Use of ozone machines if necessary to eliminate odor.
  • We find out how the animals got inside or under your house in the first place, and we seal those areas shut with professional repairs so that this never happens again!

Bear in mind that we are a private business, and we do not provide free dead animal removal services, such as the removal of roadkill, or an animal in any public space.  We generally do not remove dead dogs or cats or other pets unless you wish to pay for our services.  For free services, call your local government animal control, sanitation department, police, or veterinarian’s office.  But if you need pro help with a terrible odor in your house or private property, we’re the right company for the job!