Why Animals Die – Outside and at Home

When the time comes for an animal to die, they may die anywhere, including inside your house and out on the streets. Reasons for death include human-induced measures such as trapping and poisoning, as well as natural causes.

Human-Induced Measures of Death

Sometimes people find themselves sharing their house with wild animals. To rid their house of these unwanted pests, they may resort to setting out traps and/or poisoned baits. These two are common ways of wildlife control, and will often lead to an animal’s death.


When an animal falls into a trap, it may become ensnared to the point of disfigurement. This renders the animal helpless, as it can no longer fend for itself. The animal thus dies.

Some traps will catch an animal alive. This is a positive thing, but most people do not check their traps regularly, causing the animal to starve to death.


Poisoning an animal is usually not the best solution. Unfortunately, this is the route that many people choose to use to kill the animals in their house. Poisoning is brutal, causing animals to die a slow, painful death through hemorrhage or internal organ damage.

Natural Causes

Out in the wild, animals are exposed to many dangers, including predators and various environmental variables. Sick or injured animals tend to seek shelter and a safe place to stay. Oftentimes that means your home, and these animals seeking refuge usually die there.

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