Rats – Control

There are several different ways to rid your house of rats, including poisoning, live trapping, and snap trapping.

two rats lying on the ground


If you notice evidence of rats in your house, you may want to set up poisoned baits. Poisoning uses the following ways to kill rats:

  • Choking them to death
  • Causing internal bleeding
  • Causing paralysis

Note that if a rat is killed by poisoning, you need to be extremely careful about how you handle its disposal. Poison from the carcass can induce lethal consequences if you are exposed to it. Poisoning is a dangerous method, so be sure to consult a professional if you are unsure about how to proceed.

caged rat

Live Traps

Trapping is another way to remove rats from your home, although this method is not generally recommended. Animals, like humans, may undergo psychological stress and die because of it. Being trapped inside a cage may also cause rats to die from hunger and/or dehydration.

two rats in snap traps

Snap Traps

These traps are not the same as the live traps mentioned above. While live traps keep animals alive for some period of time, snap traps kill instantly. If you wish to put rats to death, snap traps are the best method – quick, clean, and humane.

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