Why Squirrels Die Inside the House

Squirrels are very active and intelligent animals, although also a bit shy. As such, it is not common for you to find one dead in your home. A squirrel that dies in your home was probably in a desperate condition, or else it would not have sought shelter in your house.

Natural Causes of Death


In every community, whether human or animal, enemies and rivals exist. Squirrels are no exception. Time and again, they will engage in deadly fights against one another. After a fight, injured squirrels may seek out a place to recover, such as in your home. If, however, their wounds are seriously infected with viruses and other bacteria, they may be unable to survive.


Once in a while, animals fall sick. Deadly diseases may render them completely defenseless. When this happens, they become prone to many life-threatening conditions, such as attacks by predators. Knowing this may happen, a diseased squirrel will try to find a safe place to heal. If the conditions in your house do not allow them to recover, they will inevitably die.


Predators are another common cause of squirrel death. If a squirrel escapes after being confronted and trapped by a predator, its chances of survival are very narrow. When the squirrel comes to your house to find a safe refuge, it will die soon from pain, hunger, and fear.

Other Conditions

This will include a combination of temperature and other factors. If the conditions present in your home are not favorable for the survival of a squirrel, the squirrel will eventually die.

Human-Induced Causes of Death

Humans are by large the major causes of animal death. Rodent and pest control measures used by humans may be very brutal. Poisoning, trapping, and other measures will cause squirrel death.


To prevent squirrels from dying in your house, check out the solutions provided in our Squirrel Prevention article.

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