Chimney Dead Animal Removal

It is hard to be aware that an animal is living inside your chimney – that is, until you smell a bad odor coming from your fireplace. It is not common for wildlife to die inside chimneys, but it happens. Creatures such as raccoons and squirrels, for example, are known to be fond of living in chimneys. You may also find the remains of dead baby squirrels or raccoons abandoned by their mothers, causing them to die from hunger, exhaustion, and/or thirst.

removing a dead animal from the chimney

Removing the Dead Animal

  • Try extracting the animal by first opening the chimney damper, then looking for it above the firebox.
  • Use a rod and hook to remove the dead animal from the chimney.
  • Hire a professional to help you get rid of the dead animal.

Cleaning Up

  • Use an enzymatic cleaner to disinfect the place you found the dead animal.
  • Replace any items that were covered with the dead animal’s fluids.
  • Follow the rules regarding the proper disposal of animal carcasses in your local area.

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