Squirrels – Prevention

squirrel on the wall

To prevent squirrels from entering your property, you must 1) discover what is attracting them in the first place, 2) find out how they are making their way in, and 3) take the necessary steps to ensure they cannot enter again.

Why Squirrels May Enter Your House

  • Trash in your backyard
  • Looking for a place to nest
  • Looking for shelter
  • Nursing wounds after a fight

How Squirrels May Enter Your Home

Some things that may allow squirrels into your home include:

  • Holes in your house
  • Open windows in the attic
  • Long tree branches close to your roof
  • Chewing holes

If you notice squirrels entering your property, observe the animals in order to figure out what is attracting them. After you have determined the cause, remove it.


  • Remove any factors that may be attracting the squirrels to your home.
  • Ensure that there is enough light in your basement and attic.
  • Seal all entry points to your house.
  • Use repellents to keep squirrels away.
dead squirrel caught in snap trap

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