Finding and Removing Dead Animals

dead animal in a wall

Trying to find a dead animal inside your house is a tedious and time-consuming task. Most of the time, you will not be aware that there is a dead animal inside your house. Wildlife often die in hidden places inside your home, making it difficult for you to find them.

Finding the Dead Animal

To effectively find a dead animal in your house, try the solutions listed below.

  • Use your sense of smell. Your powerful sense of smell should not be underestimated. This tool can prove to be very effective in determining where a dead animal lies in your house. If a particular area in your home is reeking of a foul odor, caused by the decaying carcass of a dead animal, your nose will be the first to point you to this location. (Initially, the smell would be light. After a day or two, however, it would grow much stronger, causing any area in your house containing the carcass to smell like rotting meat.)
  • Look for a swarm of flies gathering together. This is another sure-fire way to search for any dead wildlife in your house. If there is a carcass lying close by, you will hear the buzzing of flies stationing themselves around the area. Just follow the flies to find the dead animal.
  • Use your pets to search for the dead animal. Your pet, in particular a dog, can help you track down where the dead animal is. However, you must exercise caution and prevent your pet from eating the dead animal or creating a mess. Ensure that you have full control of your pet.
  • Look for stains. Search for stains around the house, particularly those you may have overlooked before. This can be a good indication that a dead animal is lying somewhere inside your house.

Removing the Dead Animal

Always wear gloves and protective clothing when handling a dead animal.

Wear protective clothing when collecting the animal for disposal. Keep in mind that your clothes are the only thing separating you from any bacteria and viruses found in the animal. If you are unable to safely remove it yourself, finding a professional to help you do the job is highly recommended.

3 thoughts on “Finding and Removing Dead Animals”

  1. Needs something as a sniffer or electronic router to located rodents corpses ? Then Where can I purchase this from too ?

  2. Having hard time finding where dead rodents as corpses is located . Needs some kinds of sniffer or electronic router to be able to detect where dead rodents is located ?

    1. I smelled constantly to find the dead animal in the wall. You just have to use your nose and find the most concentrated area. If your smell is bad then find someone with a good nose.

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