Why Opossums Die Inside the House

Sometimes, you may find an opossum dead inside your house. There are a variety of causes for this, including poisoning or lack of an exit. Once you have discovered the reason for an opossum’s death in your house, take appropriate action to prevent the incident from occurring again.

dead opossum lying on concrete ground

Probable Causes of Death

  • Lack of food for a long period of time
  • Poisoning
  • Lack of an exit point
  • Other conditions

These are some of the reasons why an opossum may end up dead in your house.  Some are obvious, although others are not. As such, be careful when you are handling an opossum.

Lack of Food

Food is essential for growth, as well as other important functions in the body. If an opossum lacks food for a period of time, they will not survive for long. In a short while they will die.


The opossum may have died due to poisoning. Poisoning has been used as a strategy to deal with unwanted pests in the house. If an opossum consumes any poison, it will die shortly thereafter.

Lack of an Exit Point

If an opossum accidentally makes its way under your house, it may be difficult for it to find a way out. An opossum may die of stress or fear when caught in a situation like this.

Other Conditions

There may be other conditions present in your basement which limit the survival of the opossum.


Seal up any openings that may allow opossums access into your home. Routinely check the more vulnerable areas of your house, making sure they are well maintained. Dispose properly of foods. Ensure all animals have very little reason or way to enter your house. 

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