Bats – Carcass Removal and Prevention

Bats are animals that most people do not ever want to have in their homes. Not only do they look scary to some, they also carry dangerous diseases. In addition, it is also wise to keep in mind that if you spot a bat in your house, there are probably many others close by.

bat crash

Bats are carriers of various diseases that can be contracted by humans, so finding a dead bat in your house may be an unpleasant experience. Here’s what you should do if it happens:

  • Alert the local authorities. There may be an infestation of bats in your home. Local authorities will likely know what to do and give you information about the next steps you should take.
  • Install repellents in your house. Utilizing bat control methods will help deal with the problem, ending it before it explodes into something beyond your control.

Finding the Dead Bat

You may have had suspicions about bats residing in your home, or taken short glimpses of their activities in your attic. However, even with this information, finding the exact location of a dead bat may still prove to be difficult and hectic.

To quicken the search, start by looking through the most likely places a dead bat may be – your attic and the basement. Search carefully for shreds of material, droppings on the floor, and any other indications of a bat’s residence. Following the signs will most likely lead you to the bat’s home, which, in most cases, is also the place where it dies.

Removing the Dead Bat

You need to be extra careful here. Mishandling the bat may cause serious damage to your health, as they are carriers of dangerous diseases. Some of the flies on their body may also be transferred to you. Therefore, it is critical that you take necessary precautions by wearing full protective clothing.

Remember to disinfect the area thoroughly after removing the bat. If you cannot do so yourself, find professional help.

Future Bat Prevention

  • Set up electronic repellents in your house, especially at the points where bats are most active. These repellents emit low frequency sounds to keep bats away from your house.
  • Make sure that your home is inaccessible from the outside by any animal.
  • Also, keep in mind that bats are mostly active in the dark. Therefore, you need to make sure that there is enough light in your attic and basement to keep them away.

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