Removing a Dead Animal From a Car

It is common for animals to be found dead in the attic, basement or even within walls. However, it is also possible to find an animal dead in your car.

dead animal among wires

Signs of a Dead Animal in Your Car

Initially, you will not notice anything strange. After a few days, however, you may observe:

  • a strong odor in your car
  • blowflies and flesh flies going in and out of your car
  • signs of worms around certain places in your car

If the animal is not promptly found and removed, problems will escalate.

Removing the Dead Animal

Be careful when removing a dead animal from a car. First of all, your car is not the same as your attic or basement. There is limited space for you to work in, and as such, coming into contact with germs and bacteria becomes very easy.

Remember to always wear gloves when handling dead animals.

To remove the animal:

  1. Wear protective clothing. This is to prevent you from catching any germs present in the car.
  2. Move the car out of reach of any children. You do not want young kids to accidentally touch something they shouldn’t, put their hand to their mouth, then get sick.
  3. Remove the animal.
  4. Spray the car with disinfectant. This kills any germs that may be in your car due to the dead animal.
  5. Do not use the car for some time. There may be germs or bacteria left in the car. In addition, your car may reek of a foul odor. It will take some time before your car is completely free of germs or smells.
dead animal in tube


To prevent this scenario from happening again, here are some steps you should take:

  • Make sure your car doors are always locked whenever you are outside the car.
  • Disinfect the car regularly using human-friendly animal repellents.
  • Seal up any broken parts of the car that may allow animals in.


If you are actively taking steps to keep animals out your car, you should not be too worried. Just remember to be careful and keep an eye out for any animals that become too interested in your vehicle. It is also advisable that you keep your car in an animal-free environment to prevent animals from entering your car and dying there.

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