Removing a Dead Animal From a Wall

Wildlife, such as raccoons, mice, rats, etc. which make their way inside your premises may inevitably die one day. Searching for them can prove to be difficult, especially if they are stuck inside a wall.

1. Find the Animal

NOTE: You will usually not be aware that a dead animal is lying somewhere inside your house. Most of the time, animals die in obscure, hidden places rather than out in the open. This makes it harder for them to be found and removed.

dead rat in a wall

Dead wildlife will leave a foul odor in your house. The intensity of the odor depends on the dead animal’s stage of decomposition, and may increase gradually if the animal is not removed. Thus, the easiest method you can use to search for these animals is to use your sense of smell.

First, start by narrowing the animal’s location down to one room. From there, you will want to sniff around the walls and look for shifts in scent. Keep in mind that ventilation and warm air currents increase the intensity of smell in a room.

2. Remove the Animal

After you’ve determined the exact area where the dead animal is, follow the steps below to remove it. If you are not sure how, it is best to consult a professional.

Remember to always wear gloves when handling a dead animal.

  1. Use a drywall saw to cut an open hole in the wall where you think the dead animal is.
  2. Remove the animal.
  3. Clean up all stains left by the animal, making sure to keep the area dry.
  4. Disinfect the area with an enzyme-based cleaner.
  5. Open up your windows to let out any foul odors that may remain.
  6. Patch the hole you created.
removing a dead rat from the wall

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